The Zendure SuperTank Review

    What is Zendure SuperTank

    We tested a lot of power banks, but none of them is close to the Zendure SuperTank’s power, performance, and all-round robustness.

    Zendure powetank

    As we take more and more devices with us, the need for a power bank that can keep them charged and ready to go all day long is more important than ever. What you need here is a SuperTank!

    The Zendur SuperTank is an absolute beast. It measures 4.7-by 2.9-by 1.6-inches and weighs at 17.6 ounces. This isn’t a power bank that you will slip into your pocket, but since this thing is perfectly capable of powering a 15-inch MacBook Pro, you don’t expect it to be ultra-portable. If that’s what you want, there’s a lot of power banks out there that fit the bill.

    But if you’re looking for sheer power and versatility, the SuperTank is offering it.

    The SuperTank has a rated capacity of 27,000mAh, or 99.9Wh, which means that it’s the largest aircraft you can take on. It includes a single button switch, an LCD, two USB ports and two USB-C ports.

    The SuperTank is a beast. And the more I use it, the more I am impressed by it.

    It can fully charge the MacBook Pro in 90 minutes, and it can double your battery life. If you have a smartphone like the iPhone XS, you can recharge the SuperTank seven times.

    Another handy feature of the SuperTank is its ability to recharge low-power devices that draw so little power that many power banks ignore the charge and switch off.

    Another sweet feature of the SuperTank is the bi-directional USB-C port. This allows you to connect it to a laptop that is charging so that the SuperTank itself can be charged, but a long press of the power button puts the Zendure in charge of the laptop. This makes it easy and convenient to recharge the SuperTank.

    Another nice touch is that they clearly label the ports, which is a simple feature that can be sorely lacking in some power banks.

    The SuperTank comes with a 1-meter USB-C-to-USB-C cable, a few instructions, and a few fun stickers. No case, which is not a problem for me, since they usually end up not being used (at least not for the intended purpose).

    The Zendure SuperTank is not cheap, priced at $191 from Zendure (although you can pick it up at a better price from Amazon), but it’s the best power bank I’ve ever tested. Capacity is exactly as stated, the quality of construction is superb, and it does exactly what it says it will do.

    100W Power Delivery Charges Your 15” MacBook Pro at Full Speed

    Most portable chargers on the market have a low power output of USB-C (18/30/45/60W). When charging devices that require high USB-C output, such as MacBook Pro (87W), it will take much longer than you want or expect. SuperTank packs up to 100W of USB-C Power Delivery in a single port that can both input and output.

    Thanks to its 100W output, SuperTank can charge your 15 “MacBook Pro 2018 at full speed, taking only 1.5 hours to charge from 0 percent to 100 percent (when not in use). Together with a 27,000mAh capacity, SuperTank can even double your MacBook Pro battery life.

    Super-Fast Recharge Capability

    SuperTank can be charged up to 100W via Power Delivery. You need a wall charger that can deliver enough power (100W or more) and a USB-C cable that supports 5A current throughput to enable fast charging via Power Delivery.

    The total maximum output of the four USB ports is 138W, making SuperTank a class of its own. Thanks to its two PD-enabled USB-C ports and two USB-A ports, SuperTank allows you to charge four devices simultaneously, including laptops, tablets, cameras, cell phones and other mobile devices. With USB-C Power Delivery becoming increasingly popular, you can charge additional compatible devices such as security cameras, projectors, LED lights, and more.

    Sky-High 27,000mAh Capacity

    An ultra-high-capacity portable charger does more than just charge your smartphone or tablet to full power multiple times. SuperTank’s massive 27,000 mAh capacity keeps your power on the way. It can extend your 15 “Macbook Pro battery life for 8 hours or charge your iPhone XS seven times. 27,000mAh/100Wh is also the maximum safe airline battery capacity approved by TSA / EASA for air travel.

    Premium Power Cells Provide Fast, Safe Charging

    SuperTank is equipped with eight power cells, which are commonly used by premium electric vehicles but rarely used in consumer electronics. Compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries, power cells deliver 5x faster-charging speeds and much less heat, reducing the risk of reduced performance or damage. 

    Also, SuperTank has nine layers of safety protection: overload protection, overload protection, dual-temperature protection, short-circuit protection, overpower protection, overcurrent protection of output, overcurrent protection of inputs, overvoltage protection of inputs, and MCU reset.

    Pass-Through Charging with Dual USB-C Ports

    Pass-through charging is beneficial if you want to keep your portable charger at full capacity. You can charge SuperTank and your other compatible USB-C devices at the same time with dual USB-C ports. 100W Power Delivery enables you to charge your laptop (up to 60W USB-C Power Delivery) when recharging the SuperTank.


    • Capacity: 27,000mAh/99.9Wh
    • Size: 4.7″ x 2.9″ x 1.6″ (119mm x 73mm x 42mm)
    • Weight: 17.6oz (500g)
    • Input: USB-C 5-20V, up to 5A, 100W
    • Output:
    • – USB-C(1) – 5-20V, up to 5A, 100W
    • – USB-C(2) – 5-20V, up to 3A, 60W
    • – USB-1 – 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, 18W (ZEN+2.0)
    • – USB-2 – 5V/3A, 15W (ZEN+)

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