Microsoft’s Internet explorer next generation : Chromium Edge browser

    Now that Microsoft Edge has a new chromium-powered engine, it’s ready to give the browser a fresh look to match.

    In the wake of the Easter egg hunt, the software giant unveiled a redesigned, ocean wave-inspired Edge logo that bears precious little resemblance to the Internet Explorer-inspired icon of the old. The “E” is there if you look closely, but it’s obvious that Microsoft would prefer you not to link the new app too closely with the days of IE-only web pages and glaring security holes.

    Microsoft new edge

    What is includes new chromium edge browser

    After launching a beta test for the new Chromium Edge in September, Microsoft is now preparing to launch the browser on 15 January 2020 officially. Over the weekend, the company also unveiled a new pinwheel-like Edge logo, which looks like an offshoot of the Chrome logo. You can test the near-final release candidate version today, which should be stable enough for anyone to use, but it also serves to let IT administrators prepare for the new Edge. And speaking of IT people, Microsoft is also launching new Bing business features, which give the search engine the ability to index intranet files and corporate data.

    As I mentioned in my last preview, you can expect the new Edge to be much faster than the last version, thanks to the Chrome engine that’s also used in Chrome. While Microsoft has made a decent effort to build its browser engine over the last few years, it could never really compete with the power of Google when it comes to speed and website compatibility.

    By switching browser engines, the company can work on delivering a new experience on top of a solid framework. The Collections feature, for example, lets you gather websites, post notes and share that information with anyone, giving you a simple way to collaborate on things like holiday activities. And the new Legacy

    The Chrome Edge browser will also be much more secure than it was before. In its default “Balanced” mode, it will block trackers from sites you haven’t visited, as well as known harmful trackers. And while you’re losing a bit of customization from some websites and ads, Microsoft says sites should work as you’d expect. Stronger “Strict” mode blocks even more trackers and may stop some sites from working, but it’s all about keeping you more secure. The “Basic” security mode will also block harmful trackers but will give full access to everything else.

    Microsoft is targeting business and corporate customers this January 15th Edge release date. “Today marks an important milestone as we move towards the formal launch of Microsoft Edge and Bing for our commercial customers in January,” explains Yusuf Mehdi, Head of Microsoft’s Modern Life, Search and Devices Group. “As we enter the new year, we’re excited to share more about how we’re going to expand opportunities for developers, and even more for consumers later in the spring.” You can download the new release candidate version of Microsoft Edge from the company’s Edge Insider site.

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