Major new bugs introduced in iOS 13.2

    The ability to switch between apps is a feature we expect across the board. Windows is doing it. macOS is doing it. Linux is doing it. Android is doing it. And IOS, well, IOS used to do that pretty well.

    IOS 13 has been problematic since it was launched. Apple pushed iOS 13.1 out in record time, but the issues have not been resolved, even with the release of iOS 13.2. As fast as Apple quashed old bugs, new bugs have been introduced. According to multiple sources, iOS 13.2 has launched what is believed to be a massive memory management bug.

    ios 13.2

    The issue is coming up in several ways. Browsing videos away from YouTube may cause them being reloaded from scratch, even on an iPad Pro with 6 GB of RAM. Games have been dropped after a minute or less, also when someone’s app tabs are as simple as iMessage. According to developer Marco Arment, 

    Apple has introduced significant new bugs to iOS 13.2

    • Background downloads often hang forever and never run.
    • Apps get killed in the background so aggressively that iOS doesn’t offer multitasking anymore.

    There may be problems with Apple’s approach to software development that exacerbate these issues. David Shayer, an 18-year-old software engineer for Apple, had listed several problems in a recent article published before the latest issues were known. Among the topics he discusses is the fact that Apple crash reports don’t identify non-crashing bugs (meaning these problems don’t get fixed), and bugs often don’t get fixed if it can be determined that they’re just a new version of an earlier bug. Breaking a working feature is a priority for repair. An old bug that has never been fixed is just an old bug unlikely to be fixed. But the old bugs are piled up.

    On the iPhone, this bug is extremely annoying. Still, on the iPad, the platform that Apple boasts as a replacement for a laptop presumably one running Windows or macOS and capable of multitasking correctly it’s a huge, embarrassing failure. Not only that, but it’s a huge disappointment to those who have invested money on the iOS platform.

    That Apple has not identified and addressed this glaring issue suggests that the company does not take the needs of heavy, high-end and professional users seriously and it is becoming increasingly difficult to recommend the platform to professionals looking to do real work with it.

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