Best 3 batsmen in 21st century

    21st Century is the modern era of the game. Cricket has revolutionised in 21st century in a big way. Introduce of T20 cricket change the game a lot. Simply we can say 21st century is a batsmen era.

    Lot of Amazing Cricketers rise up in 21st century. Some players found the way to greatness. They called legends of the game. Here are best 3 players born in 21st century.

    3. A.B De Villiers

    One of the best of the game AB De Villiers has fastest 100 & 150 records in ODI’s. AB knows as one of the most valuable players in the world in his era. He’s been amazing in IPL. Where he played amazing match winning knocks. His nick name was Mr 360. He his the ball 360 angle.

    2. Virat Kohli

    With amazing batting technic , with unusual and unbelievable batting averages across the formats Kohli is a one of the finest players to ever play the game. He Averages above 50 in all 3 formats. Only kohli has that. He’s drive shots has amazing timing. When he retires from the game he can be the best player to ever play cricket. He has massive records.

    1. Kumar Sangakkara

    True legend with stunning records Sanga is the best batsman who born in 21st century. Legendary test batsmen Amazing ODI batsmen Sanga regards as a one of the best players to play the cricket ever. With Consecutive 4 hundreds in 2015 cricket world cup Sanga has a lot of cricket records. Sanga is the best batsman Sri Lanka ever produced & one of the best legend to ever play cricket.

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